Guidelines for third annual Galway Kinnell Poetry Contest

Supported by a grant from the Pawtucket Arts Panel, the Galway Kinnell Poetry Contest is open to New England poets who are invited to submit up to three pages of poetry that reflect the poetry of Galway Kinnell with use of imagery and sense of place. Deadline: August 4, 2017.

  • All poetry must be submitted electronically as an attached word document using Arial 10 font.
  • Up to three pages of poetry, one poem per page or one poem no longer than three pages.
  • Please do not put your name on the poetry submission document. Attach a separate word document with name, address and phone number with titles of your poems as well as a brief bio.
  • Submissions should be emailed to no later than Friday, August 4, 2017. Judges will make their final decisions by early September, and I will contact all winners. There will first, second and third place winners receiving a monetary prize of $150, $75, and $50 respectfully. There will also be three honorable mention winners. All six poets will have the opportunity to read their poetry during the Pawtucket Arts Festival Poetry Celebration  at the Samaritans Forget-Me-Not Art Gallery, 67 Park Place, Pawtucket on Sunday September 24, 2017.
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