Poetry on Park place


David O’Connell last year’s third place winner reads at last year’s event

As the judges review the poems submitted, I would like everyone to save the date for September 18, 2016 at 2 pm for Poetry at Park Place in Pawtucket, RI, Galway Kinnell’s childhood home.

  • Date: September, 18 2016
  • Time:  2:00 pm
  • Place:  Forget me not Art Gallery, 67 Park Place, Pawtucket RI
  • What: Reading by 2016 Galway Kinnell Poetry Contest winners and judges. This event is a Pawtucket Arts Festival event with funding provided by the Pawtucket Arts Panel
  • Who:   Winners will be announced soon. Patti McAlpine host and judges Lisa Starr, RI state Poet  Laureate Emeritae; Sarah Tourjee, Director of Frequency Writers

A Milk Bottle  excerpt by Galway Kinnell

… I seem actually to remember one


quart of milk that has just finished

clinking against one of its brethren

in the milkman’s great hand and stands

freeing itself from itself on the


doorstep in Pawtucket in 1932, then it is

picked up and taken indoors

by one in whom time hasn’t yet

woven all its tangles. The bottle

will have shattered by now

in the decay of its music…

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